Thursday, November 20, 2008

Class Photo

A nice group of librarians! Five days went by so quickly that I barely had time to reflect. I have benefited tremendously from the participants and fellow colleagues. They are very knowledgeable of current technology and management trends and show great enthusiasm. Their questions are relevant and sometimes pungent. Q&A is probably the part I enjoyed most in the workshop (the food too!)

Kudos also goes to the workshop organizers. The folks at National Taiwan Normal University Library had done a first-class job. They were so efficient, detail-oriented, and hospitable. The facility worked great and the Library is so well-maintained.

A great institution requires competent and dedicated staff members. Congratulations for the wonderful job NTNU Library has done. The workshop provides us the opportunity for further collaboration and communication. I hope we will continue to learn from each other in the future. Best to all of you!

Additional photos from the workshop are available at:
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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Instruction of adding your delicious bookmarks

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Adding a BookMark Widget Is Easy

Go to AddThis, the social bookmarking sharing site, and find instruction on adding various badges to your blogs or website. You need to register it first.

To include this new widget in every entry of your post, copy the code from AddThis and paste it in the Post Template in the Settings section of your blog.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

同學會問卷 Update

Hi, Everyone,

Here's the latest of the 同學會問卷 survey: 22 participants have completed the survey. The tag cloud below is generated based on your response. Thank you all for participating :).

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Saturday, October 25, 2008

歡迎! - Welcome!


歡迎您來 CALATW研習班 的部落格. 希望在這一週內我們能互相切磋, 學習如何利用 Web 2.0 科技, 增進我們對讀者的服務. 讓我們先試一試 Web 2.0 的工具如下:  

  • 請加入CALATW研習班的通訊錄 (請點右上角的Join記號)

  • 請回答不記名的同學會問卷

請Email ( or Post 任何問題, 建議. 謝謝大家!

石同學 from Albany, New York